A Sustainable Approach

South Lytchett Manor is committed to sustainability and good sustainable practice as a cornerstone of all its operations.

Staff and visitors work together to minimise environmental impact throughout the park and we constantly strive to ensure that a holiday at South Lytchett Manor is not only a relaxing and enjoyable break in the beautiful Dorset countryside, but also an environmentally responsible choice for all involved. Our many efforts to achieve long term sustainability include the following:

We plant trees and hedgerows to benefit future generations.
• We have planted native hedging throughout the park during the past eleven years of ownership.
• Last winter we planted more native hedging plus a nine metre native shrub planting around our Manor Field and Burdens Park, also added avenues of oak trees and hornbeam.
• We do plant seasonal bedding plants, however this year we are moving towards more perennial planting.
• We have planted a trial area of wild flowers and next year we intend to create a large wildflower meadow within the Manor Field.
• We have two herb beds on the park, one which provides 50 varieties of herbs. These are freely used by our guests and staff.
• We support Upton in Bloom’s entry.

We encourage wildlife on the park.
• We work closely with the RSPB at Arne. Every year we welcome the Arne team to the park to run workshops and bring along reptiles for the children to see. The take up for these events is extremely good, as many children visit from large cities.
• The RSPB has completed a survey of the birds spotted on site, and from this we have developed two poster boards with pictures and information relating to the birds.

We liaise with our community and local businesses, promoting sustainability.
• We contribute to a sustainable economy by employing local people.
• We have a close working relationship with Upton Garage assisting our guests with car maintenance issues.
• We have created an increased access to the Craft Centre which has enhanced their business.
• Our support for Local Economy is apparent as soon as our guests arrive, especially in the hand-outs.
• We have supported a range of local initiatives including:
• Upton Town Council – contributed to bus shelter, benches and Bin.
• Beacon Project sponsorship Upton Carnival.
Julia’s House Children’s Hospice Sale of Poole Guides, Books, Chicken Food, Easter Raffle.
• Supporting Upton Britain in Bloom entry.
• Poster campaign with Upton Junior School
RSPB Arne workshop days on site.

Wherever possible we stock and use environmentally friendly produce and services.
• Our shop sells a wide variety of local food produce. Nearby suppliers provide us with organic and locally reared meats and we purchase jams from an independent Blandford Forum based jam maker.
• We have an onsite bakery for daily fresh bread and croissants.
• We also stock sustainable natural cleaning products and also use these to assist with park cleaning.

We take a responsible attitude towards the use of energy on the park and try to conserve energy where possible.
• Bulbs are LED energy efficient and on sensors.
• Timers on non-perishable goods fridges.
• 10 amp electric hooks ups where possible, this does help limit their consumption.
• Use of awning heaters are not allowed on the park.
• Boilers kept at 60 degrees centigrade.
• Staff ensure our double-glazed windows not left open in the winter months.
• Meter readings are regularly taken in order to ensure our per bed night consumption is below European averages.
• One or two amenity blocks are closed in shoulder and low seasons. All units are consolidated.
• Park lighting turned off in unoccupied areas.
• Insulation of pipes and lofts.

We promote our sustainability commitments across the park.
• Our sustainability policy is promoted via our Website and online news page, Facebook and Twitter. Notice boards give information to guests within the park. All guests received handouts and information on arrival.

We train our staff to be environmentally aware, and to relay this to our guests.
• 60% of staff have attended ‘Welcome Host.’
• In house training promotes sustainability.
• We are recycling aware.
• We promote our organic, fairtrade products in the shop.
• Staff report dripping taps etc. If an area of land is unusually wet it could be a major water leak underground, so these are reported as a matter of course.
• One of our staff came up with the idea of using a water bowser, so that runoff could be used to nourish the plants, an idea which was immediately adopted by recycling an old trailer, and discarded water storage equipment from our local farmer friend.
• The staff are committed to leading by example and helping our guests sort their rubbish.
• Guests often leave unused BBQ’s so we offer them to other guests.

We dispose of our waste in a legal manor and keep duty of care records.
• We recycle and dispose of all site rubbish in line with legal requirements. We actively promote recycling and sorting of waste.
• We keep accurate and up to date records.

We promote recycling throughout the park.
• On arrival to the park all guests receive a print-out asking them not to put their carrier bag of mixed rubbish into the black bin, but to decant paper, card, tins, and glass into the blue recycling bin.
• We also have boxes for battery recycling in two areas of the park.
• Our maintenance team store unused paint in a separate area of the bin area.
• We recycle 60% of our waste and our target this year is to recycle 65%.
• Our staff attempt to decant rubbish into the correct bin as far as reasonably possible.
• We realised our “reduce reuse recycle” notices on the bin areas are looking a little tired. So, we ran a competition in May 2014 with the pupils from Upton Junior School to design two posters:

• Pick up after your dog
• Responsible recycling

• We had a huge response, the winning entries have been developed into park signage and are placed in prominent areas on the park.
• We try to minimise the use of carrier bags by selling recycled reusable shopping bags in our shop.
• We use recycled paper for printing, and refillable inks.
• We also use natural white vinegar and newspaper to clean our glass/mirrors.
• We have a converted red telephone box Book Swap library. If you cannot swap a book you can take the book for a £1.00 donation to our charity, Julia’s House Children’s Hospice.

We are responsible about our use of water.
• New infra-red eco showers running at 6LPM with wave on wave off function and a maximum run time of 60 seconds.
• New taps in toilet blocks with a flow rate set at 3LPM, creating water savings of up to 85%.
• Water Butts were introduced in 2014.
• A water bowser is used for plant watering – the water is taken from the water butts.
• Dual flushing system in toilets.
• Washing up bowls provided at all dish wash points.
• Aerating taps, push button showers/taps.
• Systemisers on all urinals.
• We take monthly water readings and work out the water consumption per bed night.
• Some of our toilets in the middle block are not dual flushing, therefore we have put water bottles in the cisterns, reducing our water usage significantly, together with our project to put in underground tanks to harvest rainwater from the amenity blocks and to use this water for flushing toilets, and in the laundry.
• We do not allow guests to use hosepipes to clean their caravans.

We think all of this makes us one of the best campsites in the UK.

How our guests can take part > Download Be one of our responsible guests.

Our Sustainable Success

South Lytchett Manor is committed to sustainability

‘Gold’ Green Business Tourism Scheme for the past five years

Poole Tourism Sustainability initiative award 2013

Britain in Bloom S&SE Winner Commercial Gardens 2012 and 2013

National Accessibility Scheme level 1 hearing and mobility

Bournemouth Tourism awards Self Catering/Camping and Caravanning establishment 2012 and 2013

‘Silver’ Dorset Tourism awards Holiday Park Village of the Year 2013

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Happy Campers ツ

Wonderful campsite, with great environmental ethos. Magnificent mature trees and plenty of tree planting. Great facilities and friendly staff. Good bus service and stops outside the park. Highly recommended.

Claire, October 2019

We booked on the day, the lady on the phone was polite and helpful, and even remembered us when we turned up several hours later! Beautiful campsite, very clean, great facilities. Our little ones loved the playground. Coffee pod butties in the morning were a lovely alternative to cooking breakfast. All in all, we were delighted with our visit and will definitely be back. Thank you!

Overall we had a very pleasant experience staying in the area and will defiantly be back again and recommending to friends and family!

Angela, September 2019

Camped here for 6 nights in the first week of the 6 weeks holidays and couldn’t rate it highly enough. Perfectly located to explore Dorset, friendly and very helpful staff, spotless and fantastic facilities, generous sized pitches, lots of open spaces, kind and considerate campers all around and generally just fab!
We loved our stay here – best site we’ve stayed at and have already decided we’ll be returning next year!
Thanks for the memories and we hope to see you soon!

Nay , July 2019

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